Our Philosophy


We help clients grow in their leadership abilities by helping them through the development process.

Our process is modeled on Noel Burch’s description of the phases of learning new skills.

phase 1: Unconsciously Unskilled

We’re simply unaware of what we need to learn.

phase 2:Consciously Unskilled

We see the gaps in our skill set.

phase 3: Consciously Skilled

We put into practice new skills with intention and effort.

phase 4: Unconsciously Skilled

We use the skills without needing to think about them.

Guiding leaders towards transformative new insights.

We adapted the stages of transformation from a poem by Portia Nelson called “An Autobiography in Five Chapters

Step 1

I’m in a hole and don’t even know it.

Step 2

I walk down the street, ignore the same hole, and fall into it.

Step 3

I walk down the street, see the hole, and yet still fall into it out of habit.

Step 4

I walk down the street and walk around the hole.

Step 5

I walk down a different street.