The Partners


Christina McFadden

Founder, M.S., CPCC, PCC

Christina specializes in executive presence, group dynamics, and identifying verbal and nonverbal communication patterns while helping leaders become aware of their impact. Through her 15+ years of experience in leadership and as a facilitator, she has helped multiple leaders and teams develop skills that support rapid growth.

john nickel


John helps clients identify strengths—capabilities, skills, and personal qualities—that are underused or not readily apparent. He works with individuals to enhance these strengths and apply them. His objective is for clients to better leverage their inner resources and find new approaches to achieve their goals.


Jessica McClure


Jessica is an energetic, grounded, and intuitive coach who inspires her clients to reach their top performance levels. By providing expert tools and resources and supporting her clients’ accountability, Jessica is able to help them uncover and fulfill their precise needs. From years of working in collaborative corporate environments, she understands the importance of one’s voice, and of knowing how to speak up powerfully in order to create the change they want to see.


Nadia de ala


Nadia focuses on helping leaders achieve the influence and positive impact they really want to make in the workplace. Her collaborative, playful and courageous approach empowers leaders to level up, grow their confidence, and transform their communication styles and relationships. She approaches coaching from a culturally conscious lens, connecting with how unique identities shape our personal and professional leadership. Her passion is to help leaders navigate, grow and thrive.


jennifer liu


Jen is an experienced executive coach with fierce commitment to her clients' growth, specializing in a focus on executive presence and working with high-potential leaders. She fuses a unique blend of neuroscience, imagination and practical tools to enable leaders to shift mindsets and behaviors. Leaders appreciate her passion to help them realize their potential– to come alive and thrive. Jen thrives in a fast-paced, high-growth, agile company environment and loves enabling others to make healthy, life-affirming choices combined with actionable, results-oriented planning.


nicki leapeR


Nicki coaches high potential leaders to create a compelling vision of the life they want. She enables leaders to develop inner trust and self-reliance, empowering them to claim their leadership styles.  She loves seeing leaders learn to make conscious choices that shape the experiences they have and the direction their life takes.


janice Lichtenwaldt


Janice partners with leaders and organizations to focus on emotional intelligence, deepened self-awareness, collaborative leadership, and building authentic confidence. She is a leadership trailblazer having developed strong teams at Fortune 500 companies and co-founded women’s leadership programs at both Expedia and T-Mobile.  She is well versed in helping leaders develop and grow.


Edwin Vega


Edwin specializes in working with corporate leaders to maximize their presence and impact, through 1-on-1 and team coaching, along with creating and leading experiential workshops and retreats.  His work is heavily focuses on scaling leadership in order to create stronger interpersonal relationship among team members with the ultimate imperative to increase leadership effectiveness.  Edwin thrives on coaching leaders to their greatness and help them stand in their full authority.


Elenna MosofF


Elenna is a co-active leadership coach who works with entrepreneurs, creatives, and team leaders who are looking to find more delight and authenticity in their ways of being in the world. She is a naturally creative thinker and possess a strong belief in the power and importance of play. Elenna believes that authenticity is crucial to how we show up in the world, at home, at work and everywhere in between.