I was amazed at how much ground we were able to cover in 30 minutes, and I walked out with a neat cognitive-behavioral tool. Best use of a half-hour this week!
— Pop Up Coaching Client

Happy Clients

You uncovered a major theme in my work life! Such clarity on what has been informing my performance, behaviors, and thoughts.

— client from BAVC

I took away a positive repeatable action.

— client from tint

It was great to be able to chat with an unbiased outsider about professional considerations and help me pick up on common themes.

— pop up client

I asked myself questions I never thought about.

— client from Algolia


Christina saw exactly what I needed with little to no background knowledge! She really sees people and connected with me. It wasn't what I expected. It was so much better!

— client from the University of Washington

Loved the opportunity to have a supportive ear for my hopes and dreams.

— client from the University of Washington

Christina and Jen were great! Really talented at reading a room, understanding the characters within and bringing them into the conversation at the appropriate time!

— client from DocSent Worskhop

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Christina and for the wisdom and joyfulness she brings to her work. She asks sharp questions, really listens, improvs and pushes into unexpected directions, and lights up exciting new pathways. Unusually insightful -- her process wasn't at all what I expected and was just what I needed.

— Rebecca Lendl